Extreme off-road Unimog: Areas of application - Mercedes-Benz Trucks - Trucks you can trust (2024)

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Extreme off-road Unimog: Areas of application - Mercedes-Benz Trucks - Trucks you can trust (22)

The Unimog is vehicle and tool all rolled into one. Thanks to its uncompromising off-road capability, it is capable of transporting equipment, material and crew off the beaten track to the job site with ease.

Once there, it reliably delivers first-class work. The prerequisites for this are defined by multiple implement attachments, as well as interfaces and drives for fixed or interchangeable devices. The all-terrain Unimog has two different transmission power take-offs and one engine PTO. A vehicle hydraulic system to power different implements and continuous consumers is available as optional equipment. Standardised sockets provide electric power. The body mounting space can be used particularly flexibly: The possibilities range from platform bodies and box bodies to unique solutions for special requirements. Together, this provides a strong and highly mobile workshop with which work assignments can be carried out safely and reliably.

Applications at a glance.

No other vehicle offers comparable performance potential under the toughest conditions than the Unimog: as a transport vehicle or directly on site. See for yourself.

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Professional implement carrier, powerful transport vehicle, mobile workshop: The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is the ultimate package.

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Wherever the road leads, the Unimog lives up to its name with great reliability, high robustness, unique off-road capability and high payload. Find out more.

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Public service sector

Opens up new possibilities for versatile operation in municipal services. From use as a snow-plough to rescue operations in case of flooding.

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With all-wheel drive, robust drivetrain and extreme torsional flexibility, the all-terrain Unimog always offers a clear advantage in rough terrain.

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Extreme off-road Unimog: Areas of application - Mercedes-Benz Trucks - Trucks you can trust (2024)
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