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Life as a student, presents its own unique set of challenges. You are expected to balance your academics, social life, your side hustle and your finances. It often feels as if there are not enough hours in the day to juggle all of those things and sometimes like you don’t have enough money.

GTBank understands that. With your GTCrea8 account, you may qualify for the GTCrea8 Education Support Grant. This grant was created to support your student lifestyle by easing some of your financial burdens. With its assistance, you can meet up with your school fees payments, make a down payment on your accommodation, buy your textbooks for the semester and settle unexpected costs that result from your student lifestyle.

How to Qualify

You don’t need to apply for the GTCrea8 Education Support Grant. All that is required of you is listed below:

  • Maintain a minimum account balance of N5,000
  • Perform a minimum of 10 digital transactions per month (excluding ATM use)
  • Maintain active enrollment status in your University’s ongoing semester
  • You must be enrolled in a Nigerian university

Grant Details

  • Winners receive N150,000
  • Eligibility will be verified prior to disbursem*nt of funds
  • GTcrea8 winners will be selected at random, through a raffle draw
  • A total of 6 students from the 6 regions in Nigeria, will emerge as winners every month

Important Information

The GTCrea8 esavers account has a single deposit limit of N100,000 and your account balance should not exceed N500,000.

If you would like to increase your single deposit and balance limit, visit your nearest GTBank with a regulatory ID (International passport, National ID card, Driver’s license or permanent Voter’s card)

GTCrea8 Education Support Grant  |  GTCrea8 (2024)
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