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Airgas continues to be a trusted collaborator for customers nationwide in all the markets weserve.

Always at the forefront

Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is a leading U.S. supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, as well as hardgoods and related products; one of the largest U.S. suppliers of safety products; and a leading U.S. supplier of ammonia products and processchemicals.

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Airgas helps more than 1 million customers advance their business performance and reachtheir full potential with reliable products, services and expertise used to create, build, care,serve andsustain.

As an Air Liquide company, a world leader in gases, technology and services for Industry and Health, Airgas offers customers an unrivaled global footprint and industry-leading technology andinnovations.


Airgas was founded in 1982 with the acquisition of a local distributor, Connecticut Oxygen. The company has grown organically and through more than 520 acquisitions to become the largest U.S. distribution network in the packaged gas industry. Airgas was acquired by Air Liquide in 2016. Together, the combined company became a world leader in gas and services for Industry andHealth.

Acting for all

Learn more about our Sustainability and Diversity + Inclusion efforts.

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Robust supply chain

With a comprehensive supply chain and unrivaled nationwide footprint, Airgas ensures that customers have the gases and supplies they need, when and where they needthem.

Airgas’ extensive supply chain network reliably provides products and services all over the country. With more than 1,400 locations nationwide — including branches, fill plants, specialty gas labs and production sites — along with the support of Air Liquide and relationships with suppliers, Airgas is able to get customers what they need, when they need it. Various modes of distribution and supply chain redundancy maximize Airgas’ reliability while minimizing risk forcustomers.

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The unique value of an Airgas relationship

Delivering more than products and insights, Airgas provides the components to help you achieve greater possibilities while continually contributing to yourgrowth.

Airgas provides personal, attentive, and helpful service everywhere customers are located. Customers can interact and transact with Airgas in the way that best meets their needs: online, in store, or on the phone, anytime and anywhere. This includes a network of 900+ Airgas retail locations, the Airgas.com eBusiness platform, and a team of expert Airgas Total Access® telesales representatives. Building solutions together, we help customers increase quality, unlock greater competitiveness and improve the safety and sustainability of theiractivities.

Formed through acquisition and strategic organic growth over the past four decades and now part of the Air Liquide Group, Airgas is present in all 50 states. Our national footprint is combined with a regional structure that keeps service close to localcustomers.

Serving diverse industries

Dedicated to improving the performance of its more than one million customers, Airgas safely and reliably provides products, services and expertise to the following industries through more than 18,000 associates, over 1,400 locations, robust eBusiness platform and Airgas Total Access® telesales channel:

  • Construction
  • Energy and chemicals
  • Food and beverage
  • Government, defense and aerospace
  • Life sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and metal fabrication
  • Power and utilities
  • Metals
  • Retail services
  • Construction
  • Energy and chemicals
  • Food and beverage
  • Government, defense and aerospace
  • Life sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and metal fabrication
  • Power and utilities
  • Metals
  • Retail services

Trusted locally nationwide

Airgas provides personal, attentive and helpful service everywhere customers are located.

Customers can interact and transact with Airgas in the way that best meets their needs: online, in store, or on the phone, anytime and anywhere. This includes a network of 900+ Airgas retail branches, the Airgas.com eBusiness platform and a team of expert Airgas Total Access telesales representatives.

Committed to safety

Airgas’ top priority and core value is the safety of our associates, customers, and the communities in which weoperate.

The Airgas Safety Program is rooted in the belief that you must know your hazards before you can control them. With detailed safety policies and training, Airgas empowers each associate with the knowledge and skills to safely perform their jobs and to identify and correct unsafe work practices. Annually, all Airgas associates pledge their commitment to Airgas’ safety policies and procedures. Safety extends beyond our plants and branches. With nearly 6,000 vehicles in its fleet, Airgas remains steadfastly focused on maintaining a safe driving record. Through rigorous training and commitment to safety by our drivers, Airgas continually achieves one of the lowest accident rates in theindustry.

Airgas operates the largest U.S. hazmat organization specifically trained to handle compressed gases, the Airgas Emergency Response Organization (AERO). Specially trained AERO teams located throughout the country respond quickly to emergencies that arise in the communities in which Airgasoperates.

Our Company | Airgas (2024)


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