How-to guide for marketing teams | Atlassian (2024)

How-to guide for marketing teams

Best practices for marketing teams

Jira Work Management has been designed for business teams. You can customize the tool to the way your marketing team works – and collaborate with other teams in the way that works best for everyone. This collection of best practices from Atlassian employees, Jira Work Management users, and subject matter experts will help you build a powerful workflow management system and drive growth.

Don’t forget to check out the Quickstart guide to get set up with Jira Work Management.

Build a workflow that works

Marketing templates in Jira Work Management are preconfigured with workflows and we’ve made it even easier to edit them to your exact needs. Add steps to the workflow, change the order of swim lanes, and update the naming conventions to support, or improve, your process.

Make Jira Work Management your workflow platform with these resources:

Building an awesome Jira workflow: concepts and examples

Discover the components of a Jira workflow and the dos and don’ts you need to know to create your ideal workflow.

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7 time-consuming tasks you can leave behind thanks to workflow automation

Learn how to make your workflow more efficient at every step with these tips and tricks from the Atlassian team.

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Best practices for content development

A repeatable process is key to creating quality content time and time again. Read this guide to factor in all the steps you need to keep your team efficient and stress-free.

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Set up an engaging editorial calendar

Whether you’re developing ads, emails, or blog posts, you need a process that helps you plan months in advance and accommodate last-minute requests and updates.

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See how you can use and change the workflow in Jira Work Management:

Collect creative requests in one place

You can spend hours tracking down creative requests in emails, chat, and across other tools and you still might not have all the details you need to get started on the tasks. Forms in Jira Work Management allow you to collect all the information you need in one place, track the task, and create a repeatable process.

What are forms and what can they do?

Find out how forms can support your marketing team.

View the guide

How to create, edit, save, and delete forms

Get started on your first forms with this step-by-step guide.

View the guide

See how to create a form in Jira Work Management:

Track your team’s progress

You’ve already explored the board, calendar, and list views in Jira Work Management. The Summary page gives a helpful overview of task completion. But Jira Work Management also provides more functionality. Get in-depth views of your team’s progress and blockers, create reports for leadership, and plan cross-functional campaigns.

Learn more about managing marketing projects and tracking features:

What is the timeline view and how do I use it?

Visualize the timing, duration, and dependencies of issues within a single project in this Gantt-chart-style view.

Read the guide

See an overview

Get a clear visual of all the projects under one goal or initiative. Track cross-functional dependencies, updates, and changes in one place.

Read the guide

Advanced Roadmaps

Learn how to plan work across projects and teams with a customizable visualization and sandbox environment.

Read the guide

Generate a report

Discover all the reports Jira Work Management offers and how you can generate them to track your team’s work in a single project.

Read the guide

Bring all your tools together

Marketing teams need access to everything from the CRM to docs and design programs to get cross-functional work done. With over 500 integrations and 3,000 extensions, such as HubSpot, Figma, and Google Docs, Jira Work Management has everything you need to manage projects and stay aligned with stakeholders.

Explore the apps and integrations you can use:

App Marketplace

Connect your favorite apps or explore our top picks and most popular apps to improve your processes.

Visit the Marketplace

Platform partners

Learn more about Atlassian’s technology partners and the integrations we’re developing together to support your needs.

See our partnerships

Discover Jira mobile apps

Want to stay on top of work on the go? Find out how you can get the Jira app for iOS and Android.

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Deliver higher performing campaigns quicker with Atlassian's toolset for marketing

See how Atlassian tools can work together to support your marketing team.

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See how to connect your tools within Jira Work Management:

Automate task handoffs, approvals, and completions

Getting work approved and moved to the next team ensures you can deliver on time, without the stress. Automating the process means teams don’t need to waste time finding the status of tasks or worry that a missed manual update will bring work to a halt.

Read these resources to start adding automation to your project:

Jira automation templates for business teams

Nine out of 10 Jira users are business teams, and many of them are in marketing. Take a look at the automation templates designed specifically for your business team.

Learn more

Jira automation templates for Slack or Microsoft Teams

Learn how you can set up a rule to notify your teams when work is ready for their attention. Now they don’t need to keep checking in on the status of every task.

Learn more

Most popular Jira automation templates

Discover how other teams move their work forward with our most popular automation rules across the entire Jira platform. So many users can’t be wrong.

Learn more

Automation Playground

Test out your automation ideas in our sandbox environment. No work will be harmed in the making of your new automation rule and it might just be what other users have been waiting for.

Create your own rule

See how to set up automation within Jira Work Management:

Document your process from start to finish

Documentation can make distributed teamwork easier, show the impact of your campaigns, and help you iterate on your processes. But building out new documents from scratch takes time and effort. Jira Work Management connects with Confluence Cloud, so you can create clear and consistent documentation.

Get inspired with these collections of plays and templates:

Find the right plays for your team

Playbooks help your marketing team consistently deliver on campaigns. Take a look at these plays, from project kickoffs to team capacity planning and campaign measurement.

See the plays

Try Confluence marketing templates in Jira Work Management

Take a look at the types of documents you can create within the Pages tab of your project, thanks to our integration with Confluence.

See the templates
How-to guide for marketing teams | Atlassian (2024)
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