Here are the top 50 biggest European banks in 2023 (2024)

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For large banks, the balance sheet total is still a crucial indicator of how well a bank is doing—particularly amid the ongoing pandemic and resulting financial crisis.

With last year’s edition of the 50 largest European banks published by S&P Global Market Intelligence, released in April 2022, we get a good indication of each bank’s volume in terms of lending (i.e. mortgages, business loans) and assets.

With its total assets amounting to €2,597 billion, HSBC comes out on top as the largest in Europe by asset, followed by BNP Paribas and Crédit Agricole.

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Here are the 50 Largest Banks in Europe (2022):

  1. HSBC Holdings PLC, UK – €2597.14 billion
  2. BNP Paribas SA, France – €2554.20 billion
  3. Crédit Agricole Group, France – €2,351.61 billion
  4. Barclays PLC, UK – €1,648.16 billion
  5. Banco Santander SA, Spain – €1,595.84 billion
  6. Groupe BPCE, France – €1516.02 billion
  7. Société Générale SA, France – €1,464.45 billion
  8. Deutsche Bank AG, Germany – €1,323.99 billion
  9. Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, Italy – €1,069.00 billion
  10. Lloyds Banking Group PLC, UK – €1,055.52 billion
  11. Crédit Mutuel Group, France – €1,021.33 billion
  12. UBS Group AG, Switzerland – €982.34 billion
  13. ING Groep NV, Netherlands – €951.29 billion
  14. NatWest Group PLC, UK – €931.06 billion
  15. UniCredit SpA, Italy – €916.67 billion
  16. La Banque Postale SA – France – €722.31 billion
  17. Credit Suisse Group AG, Switzerland – €729.04 billion
  18. Standard Chartered PLC, UK – €727.90 billion
  19. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, Spain – €719.45 billion
  20. CaixaBank SA, Spain – €680.04 billion
  21. Rabobank, Netherlands – €639.58 billion
  22. DZ Bank AG, Germany – €627.27 billion
  23. Nordea Bank AbP, Finland – €570.35 billion
  24. Danske Bank AS, Denmark – €529.35 billion
  25. Sberbank of Russia, Russia – €482.37 billion
  26. Commerzbank AG, Germany – €471.96 billion
  27. ABN AMRO Bank NV, Netherlands – €399.11 billion
  28. KBC Group NV, Belgium – €345.34 billion
  29. Nationwide Building Society, UK – €332.52 billion
  30. Svenska Handelsbanken AB, Sweden – €325.46 billion
  31. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, Sweden – €321.32 billion
  32. Erste Group Bank AG, Austria – €308.52 billion
  33. DNB Bank ASA, Norway – €301.57 billion
  34. Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Germany – €282.34 billion
  35. Raiffelsen Gruppe Switzerland, Switzerland – €274.41 billion
  36. Swedbank Ab, Sweden – €267.48 billion
  37. Bayerische Landesbank, Germany – €266.55 billion
  38. Banco de Sabadell SA, Spain – €251.95 billion
  39. VTB Bank PJSC, Russia – €244.42 billion
  40. Nykredit AS, Denmark – €225.07 billion
  41. BFA Tenedora de Acciones SAU, Spain – €206.50 billion
  42. Banco BPM SpA, Italy – €200.49 billion
  43. Belfius Bank SA, Belgium – €192.15 billion
  44. Raiffelsen Bank International AG, Austria – €188.51 billion
  45. Zürcher Kantonalbank, Switzerland – €185.30 billion
  46. OP Financial Group, Finland – €174.11 billion
  47. BPER Banca SpA, Italy – €158.66 billion
  48. Bank of Ireland Group PLC, Ireland – €155.27 billion
  49. Banca Monte del Paschi di Siena SpA, Italy – €137.87 billion
  50. AIB Group PLC, Ireland – €127.88 billion

Here are the top 50 biggest European banks in 2023 (3)

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Here are the top 50 biggest European banks in 2023 (2024)


What is the largest bank in Europe 2023? ›

HSBC is the largest bank in Europe based on assets, with a balance sheet total of €2,597 billion. The UK has three banks in the top 10 largest banks in Europe, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

What are the top 50 banks in the US? ›

List of largest banks in the United States
RankBank nameTotal assets (billions of US$)
1JPMorgan Chase$3,874
2Bank of America$3,181
4Wells Fargo$1,932
82 more rows

What European banks are in the USA? ›

European banks in the U.S.
  • Barclays PLC (UK)
  • Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland)
  • Deutsche Bank (Germany)
  • HSBC Holdings (UK)
  • UBS Group (Switzerland)

Which bank is best in Europe? ›

Meridien International
  1. HSBC Holdings plc. HSBC, headquartered in London, is one of the largest and most well-established banking groups in the world. ...
  2. Deutsche Bank AG. ...
  3. ING Group. ...
  4. BNP Paribas. ...
  5. Santander Group. ...
  6. UBS Group AG. ...
  7. Nordea Bank Abp. ...
  8. UniCredit S.p.A.
Mar 20, 2024

What is the safest bank in Europe? ›

Handelsbanken is the safest commercial bank in Europe, according to Global Finance's ranking of over 500 banks worldwide. “Personal, long-term relationships with our customers, coupled with strong finances, are the cornerstones of our way of running a bank,” says Carl Cederschiöld, Handelsbanken's CFO.

What is the most trustworthy bank? ›

Summary: Safest Banks In The U.S. Of May 2024
BankForbes Advisor RatingProducts
Chase Bank5.0Checking, Savings, CDs
Bank of America4.2Checking, Savings, CDs
Wells Fargo Bank4.0Savings, checking, money market accounts, CDs
Citi®4.0Checking, savings, CDs
1 more row
Jan 29, 2024

What banks are most at risk? ›

In this article, we'll break down banks covered by Morningstar into two broad buckets: those at greatest risk, such as First Republic Bank FRC and Truist Financial TFC; and safer names, such as JPMorgan Chase JPM and Citigroup C. Of course, there are nuances to this assessment.

Can I transfer money from a U.S. Bank to a European bank? ›

If you need to send an international wire transfer, visit any U.S. Bank branch. You'll need the following information: Receiving bank's information: The bank's SWIFT code, their name, and address. Beneficiary information: The recipient's name, account number, and address.

Is Wells Fargo a European bank? ›

Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services company with a significant global presence.

What are the safest banks in the world? ›

Global Top 100
RankNameFitch Rating
2Zuercher KantonalbankAAA
35 more rows
Nov 10, 2023

Which is the best online bank in Europe? ›

The Best Digital Banks in Europe in 2024
  • #1 Monzo.
  • #2 Revolut.
  • #3 Wise.
  • #4 BunQ.
  • #5 Monese.

What is the best bank to use internationally? ›

Best banks for international travel
  • 0.45% APY: Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking (Member FDIC.)
  • 0.10% APY: Capital One 360 Checking (Member FDIC.)
  • 0.01% APY: HSBC Premier Checking (Member FDIC.)
Apr 25, 2024

What are the 3 largest banks in the world? ›

Key Takeaways. The largest five banks by market capitalization are JP Morgan & Chase, Bank of America, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Wells Fargo, and China Construction Bank.

Who controlled Europe's largest bank? ›

The Medici controlled the Medici Bank—then Europe's largest bank—and an array of other enterprises in Florence and elsewhere. In 1433, the Albizzi managed to have Cosimo exiled.

Which is the largest neobank in the EU? ›

Some European neobanks

Revolut (United Kingdom) launched in 2015 is Europe's largest neobank with 30 million customers worldwide, offering services such as personal accounts with local IBANs, debit cards, currency exchange, and investment products.

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