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Known for more than its cuisine, Bootleggers is the one of the only known axe throwing venues in Michigan. Offering lanes with wood targets, they feature axe throwing leagues and competitions weekly. “So much fun! Our guide was fantastic. We had a great time throwing axes. The drinks were great. Food was tasty. Great date night in downtown Port Huron,” an enthusiastic reviewer posted.

Starting as a crazy idea of a father and son duo whose love for traveling and food inspired them to create the venue, they were tired of finding great cuisine on their journeys and not being able to find them back home. Thus, Bootleggers was born.

Decor & Design

A mix of rustic and modern design styles, Bootleggers features contemporary furnishing and wide picture windows to let the light play off the clear coat frames of the bar stools. With a polished wood floor and a wood paneled bar topped in stone, along with wine racks on the wall and a carefully cultivated bar area, this venue promises a rich and comfortable dining and drinking experience for guests.

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The Axe throwing area is decidedly rustic, with clear coat industrial-style backless bar stools, communal wood table, and the wood targets for throwing. An activity not normally on offer in bars or restaurants, this area really sets Bootleggers apart from the rest.

Elmada Metal Bar Stool & Ethan Metal Bar Stool

Both offering a comfortable seating option for guests, the Elmada and Ethan are both upholstered in premium vinyl, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their meal or drink in style. These stools offer a contemporary take on the space, and are strategically chosen to provide a relaxing and memorable seating experience.

Ethan Metal Bar Stool

Shown above with an industrial-style clear coat frame, the Ethan Metal Bar Stool offers a vintage ribbed pattern design on the vinyl upholstered seat and back. A commercially designed piece, the durable metal frame comes with a reinforcement bar under the seat that doubles as a foot rest, for added strength and structural support.

Elmada Metal Restaurant Bar Stool

Offering contemporary diamond stitching on the black vinyl upholstered back, the Elmada is a modern stool designed for user comfort and longevity. Offered with a black powder coated metal frame complete with reinforcement bar under the seat, this durable stool is built for use in high-traffic bars, pubs, lounges, and restaurants.

Clear Coat Bistro Style Backless Bar Stool

With its industrial style clear coat finish, the Bistro Style Backless Bar Stool complements the rustic aspects of the venue. Built for simple utility, this minimalist stool fits well here, set against the rustic wood elements of this space.

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Offering a sturdy, lightweight metal frame, our Clear Coat Bistro Style Metal Backless Bar Stool is backless, stackable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Weatherproof and sturdy, it will stand the test of time in all conditions. With its utilitarian and minimalist design, it is at home in any bar, bistro, or restaurant design theme.

Industrial Series Mixed Species Solid Wood Table Top

This uniquely designed table top fits in perfectly with a rustic and modern restaurant decor. The natural wood grain and variety of wood species create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a rustic theme. At the same time, the clean lines and industrial-style metal accents add a modern touch, making it versatile enough to complement a modern decor as well.

Bootleggers - Port Huron, MI (7)

Shown above, our Industrial Series Mixed Species Solid Wood Table Top is available in a range of shapes and sizes, providing a tailored fit in a variety of decor themes and spatial layouts. Constructed from a mix of wood including random pieces of Beech, Maple, Hickory and Oak, this table offers a sense of individuality, as each top is different. The rugged 2" thickness ensures long-lasting durability in high-traffic indoor commercial settings, making it the perfect investment for venues seeking enduring beauty and functionality.

If you want to try your hand at axe throwing, or are interested in good beer and a memorable night out, check out Bootleggers. .

Find out more about the restaurant at Bootleggers Website.

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Bootleggers - Port Huron, MI (2024)


Why were they called bootleggers? ›

How did bootlegging get its name? The term bootlegging seems originally to have been used in the United States during the 1880s by white Midwesterners. They used bootlegging to refer to the practice of concealing flasks of liquor in their boot tops while trading with Native peoples.

Who throws axes? ›

Evolutions On The Continent. According to legend, the first axe throwing competitions were held by the frontiersmen in North America. Though there have also been reports of axe throwing competitions amongst the Celtic tribes. Many years later axe throwing is still a popular sport in many lumberjack sporting events.

Do bootleggers still exist? ›

Alcohol smuggling today

Although the well-known bootleggers of the day may no longer be in business, bootlegging still exists, even if on a smaller scale. The state of Virginia has reported that it loses up to $20 million a year from illegal whiskey smuggling.

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